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Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes you to stop breathing for a short time while sleeping. In addition to affecting your ability to get a good night’s rest, sleep apnea may increase your risk of developing serious health conditions. Inell Rosario, MD, at Andros ENT & Sleep Center in Inver Grove Heights and Roseville, Minnesota, specializes in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders like sleep apnea at the state-of-the-art sleep center. To schedule an appointment, call the office nearest you or book online today.

Sleep Apnea Q & A

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that disrupts your breathing while you sleep. There are three primary types of sleep apnea:

Obstructive sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type. With this type of sleep apnea, your throat muscles relax while you sleep, obstructing the airway. 

Central sleep apnea

With central sleep apnea, your brain fails to send the proper signals to the muscles that control your breathing while you sleep. 

Complex sleep apnea syndrome

If you have complex sleep apnea syndrome, you have both obstructive and central sleep apnea. 

What are the symptoms of sleep apnea?

Loud snoring during sleep is one of the most common symptoms of sleep apnea. Other symptoms include:

  • Not feeling well-rested
  • Morning headaches
  • Waking up gasping for breath
  • Having a dry mouth in the morning
  • Day time sleepiness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Insomnia

Your sleep partner may also report that you stop breathing for periods while you sleep.

Sleep apnea not only affects your sleep habits but may also increase your risk of developing other health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart problems. 

How is sleep apnea diagnosed?

Dr. Rosario conducts a comprehensive evaluation when you visit Andros ENT & Sleep Center with concerns about sleep apnea. If she suspects you have sleep apnea or any other sleep disorder, she has you undergo a sleep study.

Dr. Rosario offers at-home and sleep center sleep studies. Andros ENT & Sleep Center has a sleep lab located next to the office. During a sleep study, the team monitors your heart, lung, and breathing patterns while you sleep. 

For patients who opt to undergo the at-home study, Dr. Rosario may refer you to physical therapy to assess your general fitness if your results indicate a sleep disorder.  

How is sleep apnea treated?

Dr. Rosario customizes your sleep apnea treatment plan based on the type and severity of symptoms. If you have mild sleep apnea symptoms, she may recommend lifestyle changes to improve your breathing while you sleep, such as:

  • Weight loss
  • Smoking cessation
  • Exercise program
  • Treatment for allergies

Dr. Rosario may recommend continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy for moderate to severe sleep apnea. This device maintains positive airway pressure to improve breathing while you sleep.

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder. To get the help you need, call Andros ENT & Sleep Center or schedule a consultation online today.