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Allergies are a common condition affecting people of all ages. Though allergy symptoms vary, if your allergies cause a runny nose, nagging cough, or sore throat, Inell Rosario, MD, at Andros ENT & Sleep Center in Inver Grove Heights and Roseville, Minnesota, can help. The ear, nose, and throat specialist offers sublingual allergy therapy to alleviate symptoms. To schedule a consultation, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Allergies Q & A

What are allergies?

Allergies are an immune system reaction to a substance your body considers harmful. When your body comes in contact with a foreign object, known as an allergen, your immune system releases antibodies to protect you, resulting in an allergic reaction.

You can develop an allergy to any substance. However, the most common that trigger allergies in people include:

  • Pollen
  • Pet dander 
  • Dust
  • Food
  • Insect stings
  • Mold
  • Medications

You may be at greater risk of developing allergies if they run in your family. Having a family or personal history of asthma may also increase your risk of developing allergies. 

What are the symptoms of allergies?

Allergy symptoms vary and may depend on the type of substance causing the allergic reaction. For airborne allergies, such as pollen or pet dander, your symptoms may affect your airway and nasal passage, causing:

  • A runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Postnasal drip
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Itchy ears, eyes, or nose

These types of airborne allergies may also lead to other health issues such as sinusitis or ear infections. 

Allergies also affect the digestive system and skin. Severe allergies can cause life-threatening symptoms, such as difficulty breathing or loss of consciousness. Any life-threatening allergic reaction requires emergency medical attention.

What can I expect during an evaluation for allergies?

At Andros ENT & Sleep Center, Dr. Rosario takes a patient-centered approach to care. When you seek help with your allergies, she conducts a comprehensive history and physical to understand your symptoms and concerns so she can develop an effective treatment plan.

Dr. Rosario specializes in conditions that affect your ear, nose, and throat. She examines these parts of your body to look for signs of abnormalities contributing to your allergy symptoms. 

If not known, she may request you undergo allergy testing to identify what is causing your allergic reaction. Allergy testing may include a skin prick test or a blood test. 

How are allergies treated?

Dr. Rosario offers sublingual allergy therapy for allergies. This is a form of immunotherapy and uses sublingual medication to increase your tolerance to the allergen causing your immune system reaction.

During sublingual allergy therapy, Dr. Rosario prescribes medication that contains an extract of your allergen, which you take three or more days a week for up to five years. Over time, your immune system builds up a tolerance to the allergen, which improves the severity of your symptoms.

To learn more about sublingual allergy therapy for your allergies, call Andros ENT & Sleep Center or book an appointment online today.